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In case it wasn't obvious I'm not around much anymore. I'm probably not gonna be posting much but I still do stuff in communities, and keep my blog scarves here and stuff, so there's that. 


Note: this will be the only action on my LiveJournal; I never come on here anymore. So if you add me, you'll never see updates except on this entry here. 

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This is pretty much a test.

Come on! This community can't be dead! But no one has posted anything for so long. Allow me!

Title: Different Ways To Fall
Author: Kellatrix
Pairing: Valenwind
Rating: PG

The leaves are changing...Collapse )

How To Have A Kell Day

First, wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy. Go out into the kitchen and see if your internet works for the umpteenth time. Go down into the man cave and inform your father of its status, as he told you to the night before. Ask politely if he plans to call the Qwest people today. When he refuses, go upstairs and take their number off the fridge. Call them and use your Beyonce voice to inform them that it is your father calling. Be absolutely floored when they believe you (TRUE STORY BRO. I mean, I knew my voice was deep, but holy shit).

After inevitably fixing the internet and happydancing, decide that you still want to go to get coffee and put on your dyke jeans, which are the best for walking in. Head out and listen to 'Alejandro' on repeat until you get to the halfway point to keep your pace up, then switch to 'Single Ladies'. Say hello to the people with the FMA sticker on the back of their truck as they drive past.

You have a $20 bill in your pocket, so stop by the comic book store. Introduce yourself to New Girl, who's name turns out to be Erienne. Proceed to talk for 20 minutes about how DC is better than Marvel and what a genius Warren Ellis is. Then allow her to persuade you to buy two Ellis comics you've never read, and get a present for Caitlyn.

Go down to Moxie Java and order your usual. Sit down and read Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates as you drink. Get peered at by a lady in pink across the room. No, she's not staring; she's peering. After you've finished your coffee, check your inventory and discover you have five dollars left. Walk down to the pawn shop and treat yourself to Treasure Planet on DVD. Then walk home listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and spend the rest of the time before your mom gets home deciding what to wear to the Adam Lambert concert tonight.

And that's how you have a Kell Day! 8D

Well? What will it be?

Yes, I'm looking at you, two people who actually read my blog. Even if you don't have a LiveJournal account, you can read comments, or email me.

What do YOU want to know MY opinion about? Or what would you like me to rant about? Shall I write reviews? Funny true stories? Post more of my poetry and prose? What shall it be?

Twilight is nearing

So here's the thing about Twilight. I believe that the concept of it has merit. Not necessarily the whole human-falling-in-love-with-a-vampire-thing, but that's been going on since Buffy met Angel, and so must be dealt with with gritted teeth and clenched fists. But Meyer's vampires sparkling in sunlight, their eye color changing when they're hungry, and their powers, I don't think that was as stupid of an idea as most of my peers do. Some of the characters in Twilight (Carlisle, for example) are really awesome -- but the mistake Meyer made is making really awesome MINOR characters and really shitty major ones. Whether she did this consciously or not is unknown, but it's been done.

And, in my opinion, that is what ruined these books. If she were to write side-stories about Carlisle, Esme, or Alice and Jasper, I think they would be great.

But she chose to have Edward and Bella as her main characters. And that's where it all went down the toilet.

The Summer Hit

This song, Blame It On The Pop, is the summer hit for myself, Caitlyn, and Laura.
(The video is just one of our favorite cosplayers, ignore it if you wish, but her costumes are amazing).

It's a remix of a bunch of songs that came out this year. And it's freaking awesome. So make sure to have a listen.

Kell rants about 'Tin Man'.


Okay, so you like Wizard of Oz?

Or maybe you like science fiction?

What's that, you say? You like both? Do I have the miniseries for you! 

So last week I was poking about the DVDs at the library after my mother stranded me there for five hours. I had Bones, my laptop, with me, so whatever movie I found, I could just watch there to pass time, hiding in a little nook of the nonfiction section.

I remembered my dad saying something about Tin Man when it was first on SyFy (which is still a stupid way to spell it), so I plucked that off the shelf and went upstairs with my headphones. I only got to watch the first of three episodes, but from that alone, I knew I would have a hard time giving this one back.

Firstly, Alan Cumming is like, one of my favorite actors EVER. I saw him in Spy Kids when I was eight and have been smitten ever since. I also have an inexplicable scarecrow fetish, demonstrated by my love of the timeless Batman villain and whatnot. But him as Glitch, the scarecrow-based character, oh my goodness. It was one of the most awesomesauce things I've ever seen in my life. And, of course, he's a VERY good actor. The man can master accents like THAT! Listening to him, you'd never even KNOW he was Scottish.

It's like a mixture of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and something completely different. Yeah, sure, it's based on The Wizard of Oz, but it's also an entity within itself. A lot of things, like Glitch (Scarecrow) being Lavender Eyes (Glinda)'s advisor, and DG (Dorothy) and Azkadellia (Wicked Witch) being sisters, are completely original. The monkeys being tattoos on Azkadellia's chest, Toto being a man who changes into a dog, the concept of 'Tin Men' and Cain's punishment... oh my gosh. It just sends me raving. I might have to stop typing soon, or this'll be an all-out essay.

I'm just very enthusiastic about it, that's all.

My Family, the dysfunctional bunch.

Do you KNOW how hard it is to go out to dinner with my family and try NOT to start a fight?



Aunt D: Aw, what's that on your necklace?
Me: Uh.. it's a... star. A pretty fancy star.
Aunt D: And that bracelet's for...?
Me: UH. Breast cancer. It's reddish-pink.
Aunt D: Isn't the AIDS ribbon red?
Me: UH. NO.
Uncle: *laughter* AIDS, huh? You like AIDS?
Mom: *graciously saves me by ordering more chips*


In the same hour, my grandmother called my aunt fat, made fun of my two gay aunts, yelled at the poor waitress, and embarrassed us in front of my aunt that we never, EVER get to see. She was in rare form tonight, I swear. It's not just normal grandmother embarrassing. She LOVES poking fun at me and my other aunt's weight and sexuality. She thinks the whole world wants to know that we're fat lesbian failures.

Oddly enough, though, I came out of there really happy. My lesbian aunts both told me how proud they were of me, and that I should have been their daughter (I wish). No one ever tells me stuff like that. Sure, they all compliment my writing and junk, but I don't think I've ever been told by anyone that I'm actually a good person. I'm still not sure I believe it.

And my aunt from California, the one I never get to see, got a new boyfriend after a really terrible divorce. I'm so happy, because he's the best guy for her I've ever met. He's so nice, and funny, and he seems pretty smart. So, I'm glad she found someone better, with a more stable job and stuff. She deserves it.

And that's what you missed, on Kell's Life! XDD Seriously, I doubt anyone cares; I just like writing about it for some reason. I dunno. It's something to write, and writing about crap like this is better than not writing at all.

To The Sky -- A Poem by Kell

it's all over now
this much I know
I've taken my bows
it's been all quid pro quo
the pain of defeat
the waves and the sand
washing over my feet
as you're taking my hand

look up to the sky
never down at the ground
even after goodbye
things could still turn around
just look through my eyes
see yourself like I see you
and let the fireflies
light up your insides tonight

let's all meet again
on the brightest of days
or let's meet in the rain
when the sun's lost its rays
we can meet on the moon
dancing under its light
we can meet in a fire
with flames licking bright

look up to the sky
answer all that I ask
even after goodbye
why do you still keep that mask?
please just look through my eyes
she would want you to love me
so look up to the sky
at the clouds up above me.
at the oceans below me
and the heaven inside me